Wednesday, June 5, 2013

North End – the Little Italy of Boston

If you are one who enjoys sightseeing, people watching, shopping and more shopping, then you should really take trip to the North End - Boston’s oldest Italian neighborhood. To make your trip light and easy, rent a bus for this trip and to make it a really enjoyable one, bring along with you some of your likeminded friends – the ones who would also enjoy sightseeing, people watching and shopping!

Upon arriving at the North End, Boston, you and your Boston bus rental friends may even feel as though you have stepped into a mini version of the country, Italy. In fact, North End is also known as Boston’s Little Italy due to its Italian American citizens living there.

For your first stop at North End, visit the Old North Church that was built back in 1723 and after that, you and your friends may wish to adjourn to the Paul Revere House that used to be the home of American patriot, Paul Revere but now it operates as a non-profit museum managed by the Paul Revere Memorial Association. There is a small fee to be paid to enter the museum, but it’s worth it.

The North End has been touted as the place to go for authentic Italian food, so while you are there with your friends, you can easily pick any one of the restaurants and cafés and enjoy the good food with almost no complains at all. Perhaps the only complain would be that you have to leave the eatery and continue your tour in this magnificent place. While you are strolling along the North End, you will also be able to enjoy beautiful music playing from open air restaurants.

Even though the North End is also known as Little Italy in Boston, not everything there is “only Italian”. Take a walk after having your food and drinks, for a little shopping for some gifts to bring home and you will soon realize that there are many wonderful shops to shop for gifts, apparels and others.

All in all, North End has about 12 places that are found on the National Register of Historic Places and although you may not be able to visit all 12 of them, you can always go back on another trip on the rented bus to visit what you may have missed out this trip. We are pretty sure your friends would not mind making another trip to this Little Italy in Boston in the near future!


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