Thursday, September 12, 2013

Charles River Esplanade

Sometimes when life becomes too overwhelming, we tend to look for a place to run away. Well, you don’t have to run away if you find that your life has been too hectic, but we reckon that a good run would do good for the mind, body and soul. However, we are not talking about you packing your bags and running away to some far away land, but to consider planning a trip to the Charles River Esplanade on a Boston rental bus and have a good run on the park to release all the pent up frustrations within you. Many say that running helps to clear the mind, and we believe that it is also a good remedy for stress too. Renting a Boston bus to to the Charles River Esplanade would certainly help because you don’t want to have additional stress of locating the place because that’s the job of the bus driver.

There are various activities that you will see happening here at the Charles River Esplanade such as kayaking, walking, jogging, and riding on bicycles. There are also couples who enjoy coming here in the evening for their dates because the park is a good place for a romantic stroll too. There are also many trees at the park, so if you enjoy reading, you can always bring along your book with you, find a good spot under a shady tree and read away. For visitors who come in a Boston rental bus, they always bring along a picnic basket and have their delicious homemade meal there with their friends. Alternatively, they would ask the bus driver to send them to some of the restaurants nearby for a sit down meal. Hence, if you prefer to spend more time there, bringing your own food would be a great idea.

Along the Esplanade, you will see many public docks and that is also a great spot to sit and people watch and enjoy the sunshine as you watch the sun rise in the morning or set in the evening. If you come here with your family, your kids will enjoy themselves very much because there are many playground sets for them to play in. Don’t be too surprised too if you suddenly hear your kids suddenly shout out to you that they have just spotted a squirrel, pigeon, hawks or owls! All you need to do is just look up into the sky and you may just be able to spot one or two.