Monday, July 29, 2013

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

For many people, the words “history” and “fun” do not come together in a sentence. However, if you were to make a trip to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum in a rented Boston bus, you will soon learn that for these two words to come together in a sentence is possible. Oh, wait, did you just shake your head in unbelief that we just said that it is possible? Don’t be shaking your head anymore, pick up the phone and rent a Boston bus and start planning your trip to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and find out for yourself if what we just said is possible.

Unlike some historical places that you may have visited in the past where you are being guided through the museum with interactive displays or exhibits as well as listening to the tour guide tell you about the history of that place, at Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, YOU get to be part of the history itself! Sounds exciting and out of the norm, doesn’t it? Of course it is – especially when you are not going to just leisurely stroll through the museum and view the exhibits, but you get to be part of the reenactment of the historical night of December 16, 1773 and do what the Sons of Liberty did when they dumped tea overboard. In fact, don’t just come on this trip by yourself, gather a few of your friends, rent a Boston bus and come together to be part of the act and have tons of fun!

After all the fun of tossing the tea, you and your friends will then be led to one of the replica ships where you will find one of the cast explaining the scene of what happened when the colonists got down to the docks and usually, they would have some of the audience (especially kids!) to throw a few mock tea chests overboard to further enhance the story and the experience for the guests. Next would be the tour in the museum, and then finally, before you leave on your rented Boston bus, you and your friends can have a cup of tea at Abigail’s Tea Room (with their servers all dressed up as tea ladies in the olden days) and also, if you like, you can always hop on over to the Gift Shop to purchase some souvenirs to bring home with you.